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ژانویه 4, 2018




HWzHwz is a software for gathering your hardware information and monitoring sensors related to each hardware in real time. It also has some benchmarks.
: This Software contains
Motherboard Information such as Manufacturer, model, SKU, Bios version, PCI-E lanes and e.t.c
CPU Information such as Manufacturer, Name,Specification,Model number, Stepping, Number of transistors, Die size, Manufacturing process technology, Cache Info(L1,L2,L3,L4 cache size,speed, associativity,line size),clock speeds,voltage,Instruction set and e.t.c
GPU Information such as Vendor, Name,Transistors, Clock speed,Core count, Shader count, ROP count, TMU count, Direct X version, Mantle, Vulkan, OpenGL and Open CL version, Codename,Memory Type, size, buswidth, bandwidth and e.t.c
RAM Information such as…

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